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U.S. Chemicals – A Woman Owned Business is Honored to Spotlight Alta Laboratories LTD – Our Supplier of the Year

February, 2021


Relationships are usually easier in good times. This is true in our personal lives and our business lives. We come to our decisions and choices with more calm, less stress, than in times when we feel our backs are against the wall, when the stakes seem higher.


U.S. Chemicals, A Woman Owned Company, has been lucky to be in several long- term relationships with manufacturers. Trust is developed, a rhythm created that is often accompanied by laughter and friendship. We find common ground.

Alta Labs in India has been a supplier for U.S. Chemicals since 2013 and we have indeed found trust and friendship, as well as business success. Over the last 8 years, we have worked together closely. We have found many commonalities even though we are thousands of miles apart.

Alta is a family-owned business. U.S. Chemicals is a family-owned business. Alta is in it’s 3rd generation of management. U.S. Chemicals is also in the 3rd generation. Alta is committed to supporting their

U.S. Chemicals’ Diane Vinci and Alta’s Aaditya Dhote during an important site visit.

employees in more ways than financial, and U.S. Chemicals is also invested in a holistic approach to the work environment. Alta makes a robust charitable commitment that feels familiar to U.S. Chemicals' long history of dedicated charitable ventures.

And then comes 2020, not one of those easier years. The challenges brought on by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic have touched everyone. U.S. Chemicals went into “work from home” mode in March, 2020. Within hours we were completely operational, learning zoom and working in pj’s.

As it happens, one of the products flying off the shelves in the U.S. was liquid soap, like toilet paper and Clorox wipes, the demand was overwhelming. Several of U.S. Chemicals customers make liquid soap.

Alta Laboratories Ltd. supplies the raw materials these customers need to make liquid soap.

At about the same time the United States went into lockdown, India also went into a dramatic shutdown. India literally closed down the country in 4 hours. Aaditya Dhote, Director at Alta, gave us a harrowing account of the chaos and fear this brought to one of


Alta Headquarters greets visitors at the end of a breathable green path.

the largest populations in the world in the immediate aftermath of the shutdown. But India rallied. And Alta did what was required to open up as soon as allowed and continued being an outstanding partner to U.S. Chemicals.

Alta reworked the factory to make it safe for all employees. They installed equipment to sterilize employees as they entered their facilities. They supplied PPE. Whatever it took to keep up production and their people safe was accomplished. In a recent call, Aaditya commented that he was hosting a 3 day retreat to reward staff for all their hard work.

We already respected and truly liked our Alta partners. Today we want to honor Alta as our Supplier of the Year. Alta never faltered in extremely difficult times. Alta continued to support us so we could continue to supply much needed materials to help keep people all over the world with essential products to combat the virus.

Congratulations, Alta, and thank you. Thank you for everything.


U.S. Chemicals’ team hosting Aaditya Dhote during a trip to New York City

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