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Whether it's a new charity project, a new hire, or new ways we've found to serve our customers, U.S. Chemicals, A Woman-Owned Business loves it when we have news worth sharing. And, we're always looking for our next feel-good story, so let us know if there's a way we could make news with you or your organization.

Now For Some Highlights

Supplier of the Year - Alta Labs

February, 2021

Relationships are usually easier in good times. This is true in our personal lives and our business lives. We come to our decisions and choices with more calm, less stress, than in times when we feel our backs are against the wall, when the stakes seem higher.


U.S. Chemicals, A Woman Owned Company, has been lucky to be in several long- term relationships with manufacturers. Trust is developed, a rhythm created that is often accompanied by laughter and friendship. We find common ground.

Alta Labs in India has been a supplier for U.S. Chemicals since 2013 and we have indeed found trust and friendship, as well as business success. Over the last 8 years, we have worked together closely. We have found many commonalities even though we are thousands of miles apart.

Alta is a family-owned business. U.S. Chemicals is a family-owned business. Alta is in it’s 3rd generation of management. U.S. Chemicals is also in the 3rd generation. Alta is committed to supporting their employees in more ways than financial, and U.S. Chemicals is also invested in a holistic approach to the work environment. Alta makes a robust charitable commitment that feels familiar to U.S. Chemicals' long history of dedicated charitable ventures.

Supporting Women Leadership in Conservation Science

June, 2018

In the face of severe, global environmental and health challenges, the need for qualified leadership in the scientific community has never been greater. But while women make up a significant portion of the conservation workforce, they are underrepresented in leadership roles. That’s why U.S. Chemicals, A Woman-Owned Business, is announcing our new funding initiative to advance the careers of women scientists whose work demonstrates exceptional commitment to conservation, education, and furthering the environmental health of the planet.


This year, we are supporting Ruth Bennett, as she leads a vital study of global cacao production for the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. With help from U.S. Chemicals, A Woman-Owned Business, Ruth will be able to generate science-based criteria

for cacao production.


By utilizing the study’s sustainable farming practices, producers will earn higher incomes, governments will honor international carbon and reforestation commitments, and scientists will guide land management for the highest conservation value possible on working lands, restoring millions of acres of forest habitat.

Varol Piccaro

Our own Carol Piccaro samples some of the locally-grown cacao.

Women scientists

Ruth represents the next generation of women scientists in leadership roles.

Employee Spotlight | Emelita Caliboso

April, 2018

Emelita Caliboso (fondly known as “Mhillie”) has been a cherished part of the U.S. Chemicals (USC-WOB) team since 2010. Mhillie is one of our most beloved employees who brings a smile to everyone’s face with her beautiful weekly flower arrangements and delicious homemade meals. During the growing season, Mhillie manages our organic garden and harvests vegetables, herbs and fruits for her well-crafted meals, enjoyed by many of our suppliers, customers and employees.

The second of four children, Mhillie grew up in the Philippines, before relocating for work, first to Hong Kong and then Westport, CT, all the while sending money to help support her family back in Manila. It was in Westport that Mhillie became acquainted with the Piccaro family.

“Mhillie has been part of the Piccaro family since 1996,” Carol Piccaro, CEO of USC-WOB said with a smile. “Mhillie’s help was essential to my having the ability to lead my Dad’s company, while also managing the needs of my family. In fact, I do not think it would have been possible without Mhillie.” Mhillie’s job has evolved over the years, and Carol discovered that Mhillie’s love of cooking fits right in with the company’s philosophy of health and wellness.

Mhillie, initially sponsored by the Piccaros, and a U.S. resident as of 2006, hopes to bring her family (two daughters and six grandchildren) here to the United States by 2019, a process to unite the family that began many years ago.

We can’t wait to meet them.


“I am truly blessed to have Mhillie in my life and it is wonderful to see Mhillie grow and thrive in so many environments,"

says Carol. "Thank you, Mhillie!”

Emelita Caliboso

Emelita Caliboso | Corporate Nutritionist, Event Planner, Floral Designer,

Organic Garden Manager

"Mhillie" with Carol Piccaro

Welcoming Our Advisory Board

March, 2018

We value diversity. A lot. So, we've created an all-new Advisory Board to help identify and engage with strategic business partners as well as potential customers who share our commitment to diversity. Suann Ingle, of Suann Ingle Associates and Jeannie Maddox will lend their expertise to this newly-formed Advisory Board, helping us grow both our business and our culture. It just keeps getting better around here! 

Suann Ingle

Suann Ingle

Jeannie Maddox

Jeannie Maddox

Helping Our Friends at Americares

February, 2018

We were lucky enough to help our friends at Americares prepare a warehouse full of boxes containing women’s shoes, prior to shipment. These shoes will be distributed to thousands of needy recipients in South America.


Even better, once the warehouse was organized, Americares was able to receive an estimated five truckloads of IV fluids, destined for their Emergency Response work in the Horn of Africa and Yemen. They will be used to help treat cholera in those areas. We’d call that a good day.


Service Spotlight | P2P Mobile Food Pantry

January, 2018

At U.S. Chemicals, A Woman-Owned Business, we’re proud to partner with non-profits that address important issues like clean water, health care, and community services. For 2018, we’ve chosen Person-to-Person (P2P), a community-supported agency that provides emergency assistance for basic needs, as well as ongoing help for individuals and families as they move towards stability. The funding we raise will help underwrite the new P2P Mobile Food Pantry.


  The Mobile Food Pantry – P2P On Wheels – helps address the high rate of food insecurity in Stamford, CT, serving more residents with casework counseling and emergency financial assistance. P2P On Wheels is staffed by a P2P Caseworker for client appointments and features a selection of grocery items.


  Donations will help stock and staff P2P On Wheels to serve an additional 40 families a day – right in their own neighborhoods – with enough nutritious groceries for a full week of meals. Help us help Person-to-Person by making a donation below.

Building Clinics in Nicaragua

November, 2017

With our matching donation, U.S. Chemicals, A Woman-Owned Business and Bridges to Community have raised over $75,000 to construct a new medical clinic in northeastern Nicaragua.


In November, our CEO, Carol Piccaro, was able to travel to Nicaragua, to visit the site of a regional clinic that Bridges to Community is building and to meet the amazing people from the rural area.


In Carol’s own words: “This was one of the most poignant events I have experienced as I could see how much impact just a little money and a lot of caring was going to have on the lives of these people right in front of me and many thousands more in the region.  I am in awe of what Bridges to Community is doing in this rural, underserved area of Nicaragua. Working with people who have practically no material resources but who have massive drive and moral fortitude, so all they need is a little leg up. I am ready to help, and I hope you will join me.”

After Acquisition, Carol Piccaro Still Heads USC

May, 2016

Maroon Group, LLC has acquired the assets of U.S. Chemicals, LLC that were unrelated to the company’s status as a Woman-Owned Business.  The remaining Woman-Owned Business will still be owned and managed by Carol Piccaro and will continue servicing customers and suppliers who value and measure diversity.

“I am particularly excited to concentrate at this time on the new hyper-focused version of my Woman-Owned Business,” says Carol, who has over 30 years experience with the company her father, Howard T. Von Oehsen, started in 1960. In line with the founding principles, Carol is committed to making success the cornerstone of the business, while further aligning with partners who also share our commitment to diversity.

USC Receives Supplier Performance Award

April, 2016

As a Hampford Research primary supplier, US Chemicals, A Woman-Owned Business was included in Hampford Research’s 2015 Supplier Performance Management Program, and we received a 2015 Supplier Performance Award.  The Award is given to HRI partners for having achieved an overall score of 100% based on On-Time Delivery, Quality and Administrative Accuracy. We're grateful for the recognition and proud that it reflects our tireless commitment to customer service.

USC Recognized as Outstanding Family-Owned Business

February, 2016

Started in 1960 by Howard T. Von Oehsen, U.S. Chemicals, A Woman-Owned Business stayed in the family when his daughter, Carol Piccaro, was elected President and CEO in 1995. Years later, and we're still considered one of the most outstanding family-owned businesses. Our thanks to Westfair Communications and the Fairfield County Business Journal for the nod.

Family owned business winner
Three Charity Water Projects Completed

November, 2015

663 million people in the world live without clean water.  That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide. Or, twice the population of the United States. U.S. Chemicals, A Woman-Owned Business, in partnership with Charity Water, has helped to bring clean water to Beles, Mitsae Ketsela, and Ayni Ablio, Ethiopia. Three new wells have been drilled, which means lives have been changed, health is improving, and many of these villages have taken the first step out of extreme poverty.

Congressman Himes Visits USC

September, 2015

A visit from a United States Congressman is news for any business, and we were fortunate enough to host Connecticut's own Congressman Himes. “Showing Congressman Himes around our office was a pleasure,” said U.S. Chemicals, A Woman-Owned Business President and CEO, Carol Piccaro. 


“Congressman Himes was attentive and responsive to our concerns about the importance of developing and keeping small business, like ours, thriving in Connecticut. The Congressman’s assistance with the GSP was instrumental in the recovery process and his office is open to assisting us with other areas of concern”. 

Couldn't Be Prouder

Over the years, we've received a number of awards both for how we conduct ourselves as a company and as corporate citizens. We appreciate the recognition and will continue doing all we can to make a positive contribution to the business community and to the world around us.

Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility

2017 Bridges to Community Awards

Family-Owned Business Winner

2016 Fairfield County Business Journal

Supplier Performance Award

2015 Hampford Research, Inc

Supplier Performance Management Program

Green Office Challenge Winner

2010 Gault Energy

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